Vidhi Aagaz intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law, management and other such disciplines. Believing that such engagement is transformative and that it is time for transformation in academia,Vidhi Aagaz will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

Our Services

From Publication in our National and International journals to the publication of book, monograph, conference proceedings, we provide each and every services related to publication. Not only that, we provide the services of writing, editing and proof-reading your manuscripts to make it the best.


Our team is comprised of well qualified editors form 4 different countries, so that you can sit back and relax.


Whether it is writing, editing, proof reading or publication, we are always available to meet your tight deadlines.

International Editors

Be assured. You work is being led by editors from 4 different countries.

Experienced Team

We have published over 500 research papers in our various serious of journals and books.

Less Charge

We complete your work with the cheapest rate and that too in best quality.

Quick Deaadlines

We complete your work with the cheapest rate and best quality. We write and publish your paper as soon as it never have been.


Dr. Khushbu Dubey (Editor-in-chief) and Dr. Pooja Dasgupta (Editorial Director) along with a team of well-qualified academicians and professionals from 4 different countries i.e. India, France, Ethiopia and Nigeria are inclined to provide a new standard to publication



Hearing Applauds for your work shakes you from inside. Here are some of the feedback and applauds we received in our journey.

Our clients include not only the students, professors and professionals but also the institutions like Amity University, Noida.

Mr. Jigar Kantharia
Thank you for inviting me to witness the highest level of enthusiasm, team-spirit and organizing skills.
Mr. Gopal Singh Jadon

I really enjoyed your company of full day @ViACON 2k18. I am humbled and grateful to Vidhi Aagaz team!

Mr. Akash Kamal Mishra

It is indeed my pleasure to work with the highly professional and well-qualified team of Vidhi Aagaz.