Vidhi Aagaz intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law, management and other such disciplines. Believing that such engagement is transformative and that it is time for transformation in academia, Vidhi Aagaz will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

Publication of high quality Books, journals and other series, Organizing forums for discussion in the issues of utmost importance, organizing various writing and presentation related competitions are some of the ways through which VidhiAagaz is stepping towards its aim to give the new standards to the publication ethics.

From Publication in our National and International journals to the publication of book, monograph, conference proceedings, we provide each and every services related to publication. Not only that, we provide the services of writing, editing and proof-reading your manuscripts to make it the best.

Dr. Khushbu Dubey (Editor-in-chief) and Dr. Pooja Dasgupta (Editorial Director) along with a team of well-qualified academicians and professionals from 4 different countries i.e. India, France, Ethiopia and Nigeria are inclined to provide a new standard to publication.

We have published 10 books in total 3 series of books (available at amazon HERE) and an International Journal (available HERE)