Demotivation & Bad Influence By People: Should I Stop?

When you start something new, there are always some people criticizing you and some who try hard to demotivate you. Yes, there are some people who motivate you too but it is a human tendency that the criticism affects us the most.

I have started my venture 60 days ago and now I am facing the same problems too. Sometimes even I thought to answer those people trying to demotivate me but what I learned in these two months made me stronger and taught me to work instead of being affected.It is just a matter of taking the first step towards your aim with a pure intention to learn and become better every moment.

Yes, you may lack experience, you may lack the command on your language, you may lack many qualities which the experts of your field possess but these are the things you can learn with time. What really matters is not the language but the concept you want to communicate.

One should have an aim, strategy, determination towards his/her work and the intention of learning. Criticism is the part of life which makes you even stronger. Learn through the criticisms and make yourself stronger by working on them. Criticisms are the most important source of making you stronger if taken positively.

One should try to be positive and take criticisms as an opportunity to know his faults and work for betterment. There always lie some people who can never be happy with you. So, just chase your dreams taking criticisms as opportunities to make yourself better.

To stop is never going to be a good idea!!

Written By:

Gyan Prakash Kesharwani

Founder & C.E.O.

Vidhi Aagaz

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