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Welcom to Vidhi Aagaz. We intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law, management and other such disciplines. Believing that such engagement is transformative and that it is time for transformation in academia, Vidhi Aagaz will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

If you want to publish your research in International Journals and Books or want to learn via our Certificate Course, then you are at the right place.

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Call for Blogs: Centre for Constitutional Research and Development [No Fee]: Submit by 20th July

About CCRD

The Centre for Constitutional Research and Development (CCRD) is established by VidhiAagaz – Inking Your Brain in recognition of the need to have an authoritative record of constitutional history, judicial development and to create a forum for exchanging and  discussing the most important, relevant and recent issues pertaining to the Constitution.

The CCRD blog is an open-access blog published with an intention to promote and contribute to the growth of Constitutionalism in India through publishing curated and edited content selected by editorial review process.

Call for Blogs

We invite all researchers, writers, students (both UG & PG), lawyers, academia, professionals, scholars, and all others who wish to submit well-curated content.


Anything under the aspect of Part III of The Constitution of India i.e. Any topic which is related to Fundamental Rights provided under Article 12 to 35.

Submission Details

The articles will be selected after a rigtous review process, which will include two-tier review – a peer review by the editorial board of the CCRD at the first level which shall then pass through a Panel of experts associated with CCRD.

  • Nature of Submissions: Blog: 1000-1200 words (inclusive of footnotes).
  • Co-authorship of a maximum of two authors is allowed.
  • Photograph and brief biography of Author should be  submitted with blog.
Style Guidelines:
  • All the entries must be typewritten in *.doc or *.docx format.
  • The submission should strictly follow the following rule
    • Font – Times New Roman
    • Font size – 12
    • Line spacing – 1.5
    • Alignment – justified
  • 19th Edition of Bluebook should be followed for citation.
  • The content should be the original work of the writer and should not have been given to any other competition or for any publication.
  • Copyright over the published material shall vest with “Centre for Constitutional Research and Development (CCRD)”
Submission Procedure and Deadline:

All submissions must be made in electronic form to by 20th July 2019.

Certificate of Publication

Not accepting a blog for publication is no comment on its quality, but purely a subjective – and quite likely an assessment of how well it fits with CCRD’s goals.

Contact info:

Vaibhav Srivastava: +91- 7355481982


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