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Life Is Mine, Freedom Is Mine : SECTION 66 A


– George Orwell

Every morning I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, memories, love….. to feel the freedom that I have. To realize the liberty that rests inside my soul and comes from being able to continue tomorrow, express my views over this world. I choose to feel life and choices are mines. I have I can maintain my dignity or can embrace it. The choice is mine…. The liberty is mine…. The life is mine….

‘Rights’ is a big word that includes the way of our living, the way you live in a territory. A landmark judgment Shreya Singhal v. Union of India came on 24 March 2015 declared a draconian provision- section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000- unconstitutional.

It was a no. of petitions but the first was filed by then-law student Shreya Singhal in the light of the arrest of Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Srinivasan. They were arrested under section 66A for criticizing the Mumbai shutdown on the death of a renowned politician. The petitioner has raised a no. of points against section 66A and the first and foremost is to looking forward with technology.

Everyone knows its limits and boundaries but what about the use of technology. With having no idea how to access it is then infringing one of the most open rights “the right to freedom of speech and expression”. The clashes between the two results in the dissolution of section 66A when on 24 of March, the Supreme Court in its historical judgment declares it unconstitutional gifting the nation more right to speak about everything in any manner without thinking what the consequences it will show us.

As the nation where is already suffering from cyber crimes and online insecurity the move which knows no boundaries and limits may affect the budding addicts of technology.

Mere use of technology is not the one factor where the insecurity arose. The freedom we have now is like a bird having endless sky when it is free to fly endlessly having trust on its wings following the route towards destiny but still in need to return its nest. Having the freedom doesn’t mean to do what you are willing as a part of the society on must knows with him what is good for society too. We have our new world and society on our laptops and mobile phones and with it to write or to speak anything is not socialized.

Having an article or law which governs you is for the betterment of us but it must not against our freedom. A person must know what and why the technology is. As I believe freedom of expressing our thoughts openly is the oxygen of our soul and with good thoughts, it is the soul of life.

Doing what you want is freedom and liking what you did is happiness. It is not the thing that only the constitution and law bounds you it is something we discover inside us. Laws are just to make us clear if there is wrong; the rest depends on us how we are looking forward to it. Law also provides us with equal opportunities and freedom to fly over endless. The rest depends on us how challenging it looks to us.

A freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism is unworthy of our founding ideals” a beautiful quote of US President Barak Obama describes everything what actually the freedom is.


Ms. Shivika Sahu


Indore Institute Of Law.

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